Umbrella Translucent Nice 33"

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Rp 85.000

Umbrellas soften, broaden, and diminish the light output of any tungsten or flash light source. Umbrellas with a white interior will soften and weaken light more than an umbrella with a silver lining. A white umbrella without a black backing may also be used as a makeshift softbox, although the use of the light will not be as efficient as with a lightbox.

Choosing umbrella size is determined by the size of the subject, and the strength of the light supply being used. Choosing an umbrella surface is as subjective as choosing a paint and brush.

This Impact 33" White Translucent Umbrella is suggested for use in head-and-shoulders portraits for one or two persons.

One (1) 33" white studio umbrella
This size is good for head shots and small to medium sized products.
This translucent umbrella is a plus for location shots.

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