Benro KH25 Video Tripod

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Benro KH25 Video Tripod merupakan video tripod 3 sectional yang terbuat dari aluminium dan di tujukan untuk kamera medium serta aksesorisnya, DSLM, DSLR, dengan berat total kamera dan aksesorisnya tidak lebih dari 5kg.


Spesifikasi Benro KH25 Video Tripod
- Tinggi Min / Max: 71.2 cm / 151.5 cm
- Tinggi tertutup: 74.5 cm
- Beban maksimal: 5kg
- Berat Tripod: 3.8kg


Deskripsi Bahasa Inggris:
Benro KH25 Video Tripod. Aluminium, three sectional video tripod BENRO KH-25 (BE-KH25) to medium cameras and accessories, or DSLM DSLR cameras with accessories, with a total weight not exceeding 5 kg including XH1S Canon, Sony HDR-FX1E, Sony DSR-PD170, Sony HXR-MX5, Sony NEX-FS100 , Sony NEX-FS700, Sony HDR-AX2000E , Sony HDR-FX1000, HDR-FX1000, Panasonic AG-AC 160, Panasonic AG-HMC151 , etc. Tripod Benro KH-25 Canon cameras and Canon XA10 XH1S . among operators Benro KH-25 tripod has a review of the best value for money.

Equal functional properties such as branded statywom such Libec Libec LS 38 / LS 55, the head Manfrotto 501 or 504, Gitzo, etc., but the challenge is the smaller pocket. It is therefore not recommended for beginners DSLR videographers and video fanatics. tripod Benro KH 25 is composed of two-way head with quick Benro QR-25 and three sectional legs with locking snap. Through the use of leveling hemisphere 520BALL Manfrotto tripod can be used with Manfrotto heads. Includes the pouch stand which allows for convenient transportation. Optional possible to buy a remote control (Remote Control) Benro RM-25X to operate Sony and Canon cameras.


- Height min / max: 71.2 / 151.5 cm
- Height closed: 74.5 cm
- Capacity: 5 kg
- Weight: 3.28 kg

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