Yongnuo YN-608 LED Video Ring Light

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Yongnuo YN608 3200-5500K Ring LED Light is a large diameter ring beauty light with no-frame design. It is a versatile ring LED light that provides a constant light source with a maximum output of 4864 lumens. YN608 is brilliantly made, and for its price and features, unbeatable. Yongnuo YN608 Ring LED Light light is too cheap for what it offers.

Ring flashes are known for giving a subject a ring in their eyes. It’s a beautiful catch light that adds extra emphasis on the eyes: which is what so many portrait photographers try to do anyway. Ring lights provide some awesome light. They are very common with the fashion industry where they are used to create a glamorous look

Yongnuo YN608 Ring LED light is formed by 304 LEDs with 5500K color temperature and another 304 LEDs with 3200K color temperature, 608 LEDs total. These are high-quality lamp beads of extra-large luminous chips, with higher brightness at same energy consumption. In addition, it adopts the latest LED driving technology, which ensures the light not appear as corrugated, stroboscopic or manifest any other negative phenomena when shooting. Moreover it effectively improves the conversion efficiency, adopts the encoder digital dimming mode, thus the camera light can be dimmed accurately and reliable, and will not lead to undesirable effects such as light shaking after long-time use.

The intensity of the YN608 Bi-Color Ring LED Light can be dimmed without altering the color temperature. This light can be powered via two Sony NP-F series batteries or an AC power supply (not included in standard package). Yongnuo also produces YN608 5500K only model which is brighter at 5500K, but this model does not have the ability to set color temperature in 3200-5500K range.

When it comes to operation you get bi-color Ring LED panel with adjustable color temperature from 3200K to 5500K and LEDs with CRI of 95 to make sure all colors are rendered in a natural manner. The LEDs don’t flicker and the reflector has built-in diffusion panel for even light distribution. Power output of Yongnuo YN608 Ring LED light is 4864 lumen.

At full blast, YN608 is powerful enough to compensate for a degree of daylight behind your subject, enabling a lower exposure setting on the camera and therefore fewer clipped highlights in the background

The light can run on A/C power or battery power using Sony-compatible NP-F series batteries (sold separately). YN608 adopts Yongnuo proprietary LED driving technology which does great help to avoid corrugation and stroboscopic flash. It also adopts encoder digital dimming system which helps to make accurate and reliable dimming. You will not experience flickering or any other negative effect with this LED light.


- With extra-large annular appearance design, the circular catchlights can be taken easily, which makes your eyes look as charming as angel.
- YN608 adopts blue light filtering softlight panel to protect your eyes when this video light is continuously used.
- It's convenient that YN608 can be used with batteries. Lighting at any angle helps you to seize catchlights perfectly.
- YN608 adopts big chip and high CRI (Color Rendering Index) LED light source. Low energy consumption, high brightness, and the color rendition infinitely approaches to natural light.
- YN608 is equipped with multi-channel wireless remote controller. With this controller, you can adjust the brightness and switches remotely. When the controller is out of power, you can put it into card slot of the LED video light and continue using it. At the meanwhile, you can control the brightness and switches of the LED video lights of 8 groups separately.
- YN608 adopts double mains input, which supports batteries of NP-F series and external DC main of 12V 5A.
- YN608 adopts YONGNUO proprietary LED constant current driving technology which does great help to effectively avoid corrugation and stroboscopic flash.
- YN608 is equipped with special handle grip for LED ring video light, it's firm and practical. With a storage bag, convenient to store & carry the video light for shooting outdoor.


- Brand = YONGNUO
- Model = YN608
- Light Source = 608 LED lamp beads (304pcs 3200K lamp beads + 304pcs 5500K lamp beads)
- Color Temperature = 3200K~5500K
- Color Rendering Index = ≥95
- Lumen = 4712LM
- Luminance Angle = 55°
- Average Service Life = 50000 hours
- Control Distance = <15 meters
- Output Power = 36.5W
- External Power Source = 12V 5A DC power supply
- Compatible Battery = Two NP-F750 series lithium batteries
- Item Size = 53 * 50 * 2.7cm / 20.9 * 19.7 * 1.1in
- Item Weight = 1207g / 42.6oz
- Package Size = 53 * 52.5 * 4.7cm / 20.9 * 20.7 * 1.9in
- Package Weight = 1780g / 62.8oz


Package includes:
- 1x Yongnuo YN608 3200-5500K LED Ring light
- 1x Hand grip / handle
- 1x Protection case
- 1x Remote controller
- 1x User Manual


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