Amaran LED Video Iight AL-H160

SKU: 1477282401
Rp 650.000

First-Rate CRI 95+ LED
The Amaran AL-H160 illuminates using superior color rendering CRI 95+ LEDs. The color accuracy is almost perfect—even without PS.


Brilliant Illumination
With 160 LEDs, the use of 60-degree angled bulbs, PWM technology and the latest color-rendering techniques, the Amaran AL-H160 shines an exceptionally even and stable output. It’s the perfect tool for shooting still-life and portraits.


Battery Power Indicator
Choose to power your Amaran with either six AA batteries or an easily replaceable lithium battery (Sony F/FM/QM/FP/FH/FV). Four LEDs display the remaining battery life.


Strength in Numbers
Up to nine panels can be attached together to create a larger, softer and more intense light. The slim and frameless design without borderline partitions also means that when lights are combined, there is no leak in light.


Seamlessly Adjust the Intensity
The Amaran’s brightness wheel allows you to manually dim or intensify the power of your light. It’s the perfect tool in all settings regardless of whether you are shooting video or still photos.



Operating current ≤1.5A Power ≤13W
Supply power DC5.5V-9.5V Cooling mode Natural Ventilation 
Average life ≥ 100,000 Color temperature  5,500K
Beam angle 60° CRI ≥95Ra
Volume(L*W*Hmm)  151x56x100mm    Net weight 325g



Distance                                 Footcandles                              LUX
0.5M 265 2,860                             
1M 69 750
2M 19 210






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