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  • Supports Cameras up to 8 Pounds
  • Precision of Control: ±0.02°
  • Transmitter for Remote Pan/Tilt Control

DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer

DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer dari DJI adalah sebuah sistem stabilisasi kamera video yang dirancang untuk memberikan operator keleluasaan dalam merekam tanpa khawatir adanya getaran atau goncangan dari tangan saat melakukan pengambilan gambar video. DJI Ronin ini cocok untuk sebagian besar jenis kamera dan kamera modifikasi dengan berat hingga 8 pound atau +- 3.6kg. DJI Ronin juga menggunakan brushless motor yang bekerja pada 3 axis: satu untuk sisi ke sisi roll” – menjaga tingkat horizon – satu untuk tilt, dan satu untuk pan. Sistem ini dikendalikan komputer dan dilengkapi dengan tilt range 105⁰ atas /  165⁰ bawah dan ditambah roll range ± 110⁰. Selain itu, sistem ini menmberikan kontrol presisi ± 0,02 °, memungkinkan kamera bergerak tepat dan koreksi stabilitas gerakan yang sangat baik.

Featuring many of the main capabilities as the original Ronin, but at nearly half the weight and in a much more compact size, the Ronin-M puts world-class stabilization technology within reach of more creators than ever before.


Your Ronin-M stands up to rugged use in any filming environment. Featuring a superbly strong and rigid magnesium frame, the Ronin-M brings increased stiffness and reduced weight. Notoriously difficult to manufacture and mold, magnesium brings you a new, more exact shooting experience while maintaining easy maneuverability and increasing options on set.

A new magnesium frame replaces the aluminum of the original Ronin, bringing reduced weight and increased rigidity and stiffness.

For increased shooting options and easier transport, the top handle bars can be removed individually. This further reduces the Ronin-M’s size for filming in tight spaces or simply packing away with your other equipment.

A new Silent Mode brings the sound of the working motors to a whisper, enabling indoor shots when the sounds of other stabilization systems may be picked up by sensitive recording equipment.


Even with only one operator, SmoothTrack technology ensures the Ronin-M translates your movements into smooth camera angle changes. Your camera intuitively faces the direction you want, all while completely stabilized, no matter how you move. SmoothTrack settings from speed to deadband to acceleration are fully customizable, and ‘Single Axis Follow Mode’ enables you to lock two axes while SmoothTrack guides your camera along only one axis of motion.

These updates and more help creators everywhere capture their vision in new ways.

SmoothTrack control, fast setup and balancing, dual operator support, and three modes of operation are continued from the original Ronin, providing the same level of power and freedom on set.

Spesifikasi DJI Ronin-M


Load Weight (Reference Value)

8 lb / 3.6 kg

Angular Vibration Range


Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed

Pan Axis: 90°/sTilt Axis: 100°/sRoll Axis: 30°/s

Mechanical Endpoint Range

Pan Axis Control: 360°/sTilt Axis Control: +105° /-165°/sRoll Axis Control: ± 110°/s

Controlled Rotation Range

Pan Axis Control: 360°/sTilt Axis Control: +105° /-165°/sRoll Axis Control: ± 25°/s


Electrical and Mechanical

Motor Type

3 x Brushless

Working Current

Static Current: 300 mA (at 16 VDC)Dynamic Current: 600 mA (at 16 VDC)Locked Motor Current: 10 A maximum (at 16 VDC)


Independent IMU moduleTemperature sensor


32-bit DSP processor




2.4 GHz


D-Bus receiver supported




2.4 GHz for transmitter (remote controller)Bluetooth 4.0


2 x 12 VDC regulated PowerTap1 x USB power output (500 mW)1 x DJI Lightbridge interface


System Requirements

Assistant Software

Windows (32- or 64-bit): 8, 7, XP SP3Mac OS X: 10.9 or aboveMobile:iOS 7.0 or later



Control Modes

Underslung ModeUpright ModeBriefcase Mode

Supported Camera Dimensions

Maximum depth at center of mass on camera base plate: 4.7″ / 120 mmMaximum height measured from top of camera base plate: 7.7″ / 195 mmMaximum width: 6.3″ / 160 mm

Power Requirements

4S Ronin-M Battery

Operating Temperature

-5 to 122°F / -15 to 50°C

Dimensions (W x D x H)

19.7 x 8.3 x 16.5″ / 500 x 210 x 420 mm


5.07 lb / 2.3 kg (fully loaded with handlebar)



The DJI Ronin has been developed for the filmmaking professional. High build quality standards ensure that it keeps up with the demands of rigorous handheld use in trying environments. Simply hold it in your hands to create smooth and stable footage. Custom built ultra-fast processors, extremely accurate sensors, and advanced algorithms, together with fanatical attention to detail has created a system that offers remarkably precise manipulation of control angles - within the range of ±0.02°. This puts world-class, industry leading technology into your hands and creates unparalleled picture and video stabilization.


A built-in balance adjustment system means no tools are needed for setup and adjustment. Changing the setup for different camera arrangements is quick and simple.


With a little practice, the Ronin takes less than 5 minutes to set up and balance whenever the camera configuration is changed. This saves time, making the Ronin more efficient in professional environments where every second counts. The built-in ATS (Auto Tune Stability) technology intelligently tunes the Ronin to your camera rig at the touch of a button.


The Ronin is not customized for any specific camera. It can be easily adjusted to carry everything from small & light Micro-Four-Thirds cameras to heavier systems like the Red Epic. 


The DJI Zenmuse gimbals were the first commercially available systems in the world to utilize brushless motor technology for professional filming and aerial photography. The Zenmuse gimbal line has long been a benchmark that others have been measured against. The Ronin is based off the same technology and also offers multiple control modes, a built-in IMU, and customized direct drive brushless motors.


SmoothTrack gives a single gimbal operator the ability to transform their tilt and pan movements on the gimbal into smooth and stabilized camera angle changes. This makes framing wide-angle or close scenes significantly easier for a single operator.

Isi dalam box:
- DJI Ronin-M 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
- Ronin-M Transmitter (Controller)
- Ronin-M 4S Battery
- Battery Charger
- Handle Bar
- Tuning Stand
- Cable Pack
- Micro-USB Cable
- Camera Mounting Plate
- 2 x Camera Screw A (1/4"-20)
- 2 x Camera Screw B (3/8"-16)
- 2 x Camera Screw C (1/4"-20)
- 2 x Camera Screw D (3/8"-16)
- Lens Support Screw
- Lens Support
- 3 x Allen Wrenches

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