Wireless Flash Trigger Yongnuo RF-603C II For Canon 2.4GHz

SKU: 1429340399
Rp 420.000

The use of the 2.4GHz wireless frequency is suitable in many countries and guarantees high transfer speed, distance and stability. Within capacious areas, the remote control distance may reach to 100m. The synchronization speed can reach to 1/320 (depending on the situatiuon sometimes it may reach to 1/250 or less)

A set consist of 2 equal transceivers. Both of them can be a receiver as well as transmitter. It can trigger 2 flashes at the same time with one set (one on the camera, and one off-camera flashgun).You can also buy additional transceiver(s) to trigger 3 or more flashed at the same time.

Yongnuo RF-603 C1 for Canon 2.4GHz Wireless Remote Flash Trigger Shutter Release Suitable for Cameras:

Manual flash mode only, no TTL support

Suitable for Flash Speedlite with Sleep mode function or those with Wake up function

Category: Flash Trigger