Battery Lithium Panasonic CR2 3v (volt) [CR15H270]

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Panasonic Lithium CR2 cocok digunakan untuk peralatan yang banyak mengkonsumsi daya seperti mainan remote control, flash dan kamera digital. Secara spesifik beberapa kamera yang menggunakan battery jenis ini adalah intax 25S dan 50S, battery jenis ini mempunyai daya tahan yang sangat baik, dapat digunakan dalam jangka waktu yang cukup lama tanpa harus direcharge.



The Panasonic CR2 battery provides you with the necessary energy for your camera. They offer quick flash recovery, and can operate under extreme temperatures. The CR2 battery is common used for camera, flashlights, medical equipment, photo equipment, electronic equipment, electronic games, etc.


The CR2 is a 3V cylindrical-type Lithium Battery with 850mAh capacity. It has pressure contact terminals. It is ideally suited for use in all kinds of products where the trend is to achieve increasing miniaturization. Since the manganese dioxide that is chemically very stable is used for plus terminal as an active material, if preservation conditions are proper, 90% of capacity remains even after ten years storage. It employs organic electrolytes with minimum creeping so they are vastly superior in terms of leakage resistance under environmental changes.
  • Manganese dioxide material
  • Long-term reliability
  • High capacity
  • Low self-discharge rate
  • Resistance to continuous discharge
  • Outstanding electrolyte leakage resistance
  • Low self-degradation rate and superior storability
  • Superior safety
  • 20mA continuous standard drain
  • -40 to 70°C operating temperature




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