Leather Case Kamera Mirrorless Fuji X-T10 / Fujifilm X-T10

SKU: 1486363301
Rp 175.000
  • Suit for Fuji XT-10 / Fujifilm XT10 Camera 
  • High quality, compact, lightweight, extremely durable material and easy to carry
  • To protect your camera against damages, dust and scratches
  • Soft internal layer to protect the LCD screen from scratches and bumps
  • The bottom with 1/4 screw, connect to your camera more stability
  • No need to take out the camera when taking picture
  • Includes 1 piece shoulder strap
  • Material PU leather

The cases are carefully tailored to fit the Fujifilm X-T10 cameras. As well as providing additional protection for you precious photographic equipment our cases deliver a unique, classic and vintage style.

- Leather case cover accomodate with the lens hoods on 18mm / 35mm lens
- Accomodate with the 60mm lens (without lens hoods)
- Also accomodate with 18-55mm lens with filter (with lens cap on)


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