JJC Lens Pouch JN-24 (24cm) / Kantong Lensa

SKU: 1523956224
Rp 85.000

This lens pouch protects your lens from damages caused by impact, dust and humidity. It is the perfect device to keep your lens safe inside a suitcase or bag when traveling or simply for storing it in a cupboard. The padded interior prevents that the lens is damaged by impacts. Due to the water-resistant neoprene dust or humidity won't be able to get inside the pouch. The lens can't fall out because of the drawstring closure.


Product Highlights :
- Fitting for one standard lens
- Fully padded 
- Protection against damages caused by impact, dust and humidity 
- Drawstring closure 
- Water-resistant neoprene


Specifications :

Model JN-24
Designed for                                             Standard lens
Size ø100 X H240mm                                           
Material Neoprene
Category: Another Bag